What We Do.

Needed Creative is a full-service marketing and creative agency offering website design, branding, and digital marketing services for small and large-scale organizations. Our work has ranged from small business starts-ups to the government and education sectors. We don’t discriminate when it comes to industry or size. We are here to give you the tools you need to take the next step.

Websites that do the heavy lifting.

Built to Bring in New Clients

Every site created at Needed is built to bring in new business for our clients. Using strategic marketing funnels and “Call-to-Action” focused design, this site does the heavy lifting when it comes to finding new business.

Mobile-Responsive Design

With over 60% of internet surfing now happening on a mobile device, owning a mobile-responsive site is no longer a luxury. Our team will always websites that aren’t just pretty on your laptop, but beautiful no matter the device.

Leading Edge SEO

If people can’t find you on Google, they’re probably not going to find you period. Our developers at Needed build every website with fire-breathing Search Engine Optimization guaranteed to get you on the front page.

Branding that’s uniquely you.

More Than A Logo

At Needed, we believe your brand goes beyond just a logo. Our branding specialists work with your team to develop your brand characteristics, mission statement, key marketing benefits just to name a few. By the end of our process, you will be resourced and ready to share you story with the world.

Tried and True Process

Don’t worry. You don’t need a Masters in Graphic Design or a degree n color theory to be our design partner. Our team of branding specialists has worked with hundreds of clients helping them discover their visual identity. Icons, fonts, colors; don’t worry about it. We will be branding sherpas through your logo journey.

A Complete Toolkit

To be successful, you need more than just a JPEG file. At Needed, we have spent years developing the branding toolkit that will set you up for success. At the end of our design process, you will have every design file you need to start social media accounts, design a website or launch digital advertising.

Marketing That Just Works.

Strategic Funnels

Using our own proprietary marketing funnels, we work with you to build systems that attract, convert and keep new customers. We love data and we want to make sure you have the power of analytics behind your business.

Targeted Advertising

With over a decade working in targeted advertising and retargeting, our Facebook and Google Certified advertising team will work to place your digital ads in the front of the right eyes, and the right eyes only. Every dollar counts and we want to make sure each one is working for you.

Call-to-Action Focused

Creating beautiful marketing is great, but not the key to attracting business. Every advertisement, website, and marketing tactic is designed with the end goal of making you money. No matter where the prospective customer is in the buying process, we will meet them with an easy-to-follow path to being your next customer.

Take the Next Step